Vasculitis Volunteers

Our Vasculitis Volunteers can provide you with emotional and practical support when you need it most. Having lived with the condition themselves for many years, they are able to offer an empathetic ear in complete confidence. Our volunteers will not provide medical advice and will encourage you to speak to a medical professional about your specific condition.

This support service is free and an arrangement will be made to call you at a convenient time.

“I was made very welcome and I can honestly say that being a member of a support group has opened a whole new chapter for me. The help, support and information that I have received on this journey have been invaluable.”


Patients affected by Vasculitis can often be affected with depression and anxiety. It can be a difficult stage during diagnosis to come to terms with a chronic disease and any limitations. Even those well experienced with the disease can meet challenges during flares and others challenges in life that make it hard on patients.

At The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, we fully understand these struggles and the need to speak with someone. Our trained counsellor is employed by the charity to provide immediate support to anyone affected by vasculitis.

Our charity funds counselling services and makes them available quickly for patients. We do this by offering one to one sessions at the charity offices in East Kilbride or through telephone counselling support. Our sessions normally last an hour and we would recommend a series of sessions with our counsellor. Do not feel alone, isolated and afraid. Call our counselling team to be given the support and coping strategies you need now.

Contact us on 0141 404 1184 or

“I would always encourage people to reach out for help, you’re not alone.”