Educational Webinar Series

Please note this series is for professional use only

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation has partnered with the British Society for Rheumatology to support the delivery of vasculitis guidance directed at Health Professionals. Our charity funds an annual webcast series focusing on vasculitis guidance and education.

The British Society for Rheumatology has delivered live webinar series and E-learning modules on vasculitis to BSR members. The education series focuses on Trainees, Allied Health Professionals and Consultants in Rheumatology and other disciplines responsible for the assessment and management of patients with vasculitis.

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 Episode 2

 Episode 3

 Episode 4

 Episode 5

 Episode 6

Renal Symposium Webinar

 Vasculitis Guidance Videos

Vasculitis in Glasgow


Why Early Diagnosis is Important

Support Group Session on Mindfulness