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Since 2010, The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation has worked to raise global awareness of vasculitis. A mix of educational initiatives, progressive fundraising, and high profile events have made LCTF a driving force for the vasculitis community in Scotland and the UK.

Increasing awareness of vasculitis is a key objective of our charity. Vasculitis is relatively unknown –  chances are you may not come across it unless you have been affected by it or know someone who has. Our goal is not only to raise awareness with the general public, but to provide information to improve knowledge and understanding for patients and in the medical community.

Smooth Radio Scotland Awareness Advert

LCTF 2018 Vasculitis Awareness Advert on Smooth Radio Scotland. The Ad ws on air for two weeks.

Awareness is very important to LCTF as it is the difference between life or death as we know only too well. Vasculitis diagnosed and treated early offers a good prognosis so that is why we regularly fund campaigns to raise the public profile of the disease.

Vasculitis GP Campaign

In 2018, The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation launched a UK campaign with Dr Hilary Jones which focussed on awareness and education for GP and Primary Care staff. The charity produced a series of GP e-learning modules on vasculitis, linked to professional CPD, in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners. This was the first GP awareness campaign linked to professional development for vasculitis. In raising awareness and education with GPs, we have the opportunity to raise the profile of vasculitis, diagnose vasculitis sooner and in doing so save lives and improve the outcomes of patients.

5 Mins To Change Your Practice Screencast for GPs & Primary Care Staff (click to view):

Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA) Awareness module

TV and Radio advertising campaigns

LCTF has been the only UK vasculitis charity to fund the first TV advertising campaign for vasculitis and it was launched in October 2016. The ‘Join the Dots’ campaign ran on STV West, STV Glasgow, STV Edinburgh, and online and coincided with the launch of Vasculitis Scotland.

Over TV, online, and social media, this campaign was viewed by 750,000 people.  To date, there has not been any other global TV awareness of vasculitis.

The Black & Red Ball is the pinnacle of LCTF’s fundraising and awareness calendar. In previous years, this annual event has hosted the likes of Shayne Ward, Five, Tom Parker (The Wanted), Samantha Harvey, Nicholas MacDonald (X-Factor). These high-profile headline acts have ensured a thoroughly entertaining evening for guests and has captured UK-wide media coverage and awareness for vasculitis.

The Black & Red Ball

Dr Hilary Jones and LCTF worked together to produce an awareness video for vasculitis.  The video was presented online and supplied to GP surgeries and hospitals.

Dr Hilary Jones has provided several awareness messages for the charity. A recognised face on television and Patron of LCTF, Dr Hilary’s continued support and advocacy for what the charity stands for is extremely valued and appreciated.

A Vasculitis Awareness video funded by The lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, featuring Dr Hilary Jones, to raise awareness within the general public of vasculitis through social media and online circulation. The video has also been used to raise awareness with GPs, Consultant Rheumatologists and Constultants Nephrologists at medical exhibitions and lectures

Radio Campaign for 5k and film screening 2015

In 2015, LCTF used radio to promote the Vasculitis Awareness 5k walk and screening of the original movie in the Twilight saga. The campaign aired on Clyde, Northsound and Real Radio. This double event acted as a fundraiser for the charity as well as a strong awareness message for vasculitis across Scotland.

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