LCTF Christmas Cheer Mug 2020

Cute Christmas cheer ceramic mug. To increase longevity, we do not recommend using these mugs in a dishwasher or a microwave. All products are CE marked and are UK standards approved.

Sleep Well During Shielding

Sleep Well During The Covid-19 Pandemic   For the first time for many people they are experiencing unsettling vivid dreams, nightmares, and often wakening during the night with feelings of [...]

Financial Uncertainty

It’s normal to feel worried and anxious when financial uncertainty is looming or the prospect of unemployment is pending. Debt and financial problems can all cause significant emotional [...]

World Wellbeing Week and Vasculitis

Now more than ever it’s essential to look after your wellbeing. Being diagnosed with a life-changing condition alongside the stress of living through a pandemic can easily exacerbate your [...]

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